Fan made LEGO® role playing game

Install LeoRPG 1

LeoRPG is available on Windows and Mac OS X.

Current Version: Beta
Release Notes: New weapons, extras, menus and other improvements


LeoRPG.zip ( - 260 MB

Mac OS X

LeoRPG-Mac.zip ( - 217 MB

Updating the Game

To install an update for LeoRPG you need to run the Launcher as it will automatically update to the latest version. Some optional updates may require re-installation.

New Character?

Click here to create a new character

Game Controls

Move Player W A S D & Arrow Keys
Change Person Press the number 3 key to toggle 3rd person / 1st person mode
Jump (double press to fly) Space
Menu navigation Up down left and right arrows
Aim Weapon or Block Shift
Fire / Swing / Place Brick E / Left Click
Pickup item from floor / Enter vehicle C
Slap / open chest / Delete Brick F
Throw bomb T
Open Inventory Q
Switch Weapon Press the number 1 key to equip your rifle and the number 2 key to equip your pistol
Fire Tank Missile V
Reload Weapon R
Open Chat Tab
Match Stats M