Fan made LEGO® role playing game

Install LeoRPG 1

LeoRPG is available on Windows and Mac OS X.


LeoRPG.zip - 181 MB


LeoRPG-Mac.zip - 188 MB

Windows (Old Version)

LeoRPG-Old.zip - 260 MB

Mac (Old Version)

LeoRPG-Mac-Old.zip - 217 MB

Updating the Game

LeoRPG no longer updates via the launcher as it is old. Updates will need to be re-downloaded from here.

New Character?

Click here to create a new character

Game Controls

Move Player W A S D & Arrow Keys
Change Person Press the number 3 key to toggle 3rd person / 1st person mode
Jump (double press to fly) Space
Menu navigation Up down left and right arrows
Aim Weapon or Block Shift
Fire / Swing / Place Brick E / Left Click
Pickup item from floor / Enter vehicle C
Slap / open chest / Delete Brick F
Throw bomb T
Open Inventory Q
Switch Weapon Press the number 1 key to equip your rifle and the number 2 key to equip your pistol
Fire Tank Missile V
Reload Weapon R
Open Chat Tab
Match Stats M