Fan made LEGO® role playing game



/spawn [ID] [Amount] [Ammo] Spawns an item by ID [Amount] of times with [Ammo] ammunition if applies
/id States your user ID
/suicide Kills your player
/militiaman Toggles militia mode. Removes the need to reload.
/gh States your player's max health
/bombs [amount] Gives [amount] of bombs. Only works on Creative mode.
/hyperbomb Gives a hyperbomb. Can only be used once.

LeoRPG won't open on the mac

If your Mac is not letting you open the game it is because LeoRPG's developer hasn't got an App Store license yet. If you don't want to wait, to fix this go onto System Preferences > Security & Privacy and where it says 'Allow apps downloaded from' check 'Anywhere' and then open the game.

LeoRPG is crashing / being slow

If your game repeatedly crashes it may be because of hardware limitations. Your laptop / PC may not be powerful enough to cope with the game's graphics. Try lowering the game resolution and quality to see if it helps.

LeoRPG won't download

This may to do with Anti virus programs that haven't heard of LeoRPG before. Running a VirusTotal (virustotal.com) will confirm the safety of LeoRPG. Disabling the anti virus and re enabling it after may fix the problem.